Home LED Lighting

Our trendy, minimal and beautiful looking efficient home LED track lights are ideal for all homes. The COB LED module brings radiant brightness to every home space while keeping electricity at low cost.

The light beam of our home track lights does not blind the eyes and the luminaires can be adjusted at a greater angle in the room. It can be used successfully for lower ceilings and for a lesser distribution of track contours in spaces where it is necessary to direct the light further.

Firm aluminum and aesthetic-looking light housings are painted with a special heat-resistant powder coating that stays constant and smooth for a long time.

The LED track lights are available in different light temperatures of 2500-6000K (Kelvin). The angle of the beam can be selected between 15 ° / 24 ° / 38 ° / 60 ° degrees. We recommend for home track lighting solutions to choose a track adapter of a 1-phase track system.