Commercial LED Lighting

LED track commercial lighting system is a new energy efficient lighting solution that uses special LED-diode technology which ensures luminaire long life and guarantees low energy consumption. PHILIPS, CITIZEN, SAMSUNG and VS-PANASONIC – we use the world’s leading LED modules in our luminaires. We use only high quality flicker-free drivers in our luminaires – LIFUD, PHILIPS. The angle of the beam can be selected between 15 ° / 24 ° / 38 ° / 60 ° degrees. 

The LED track lights are available in different light temperatures of 2500-6000K (Kelvin). It is possible to choose between different COB LEDs depending on CRI, between CRI> 80+ and CRI> 90+. We recommend for commercial track lighting solutions to choose a track adapter of a 3-phase track system.

We can manufacture the luminaire according to your needs and offer our customers a variety of installations and follow-up options. We offer 2-5 year warranty for all of our products.