HERMIS Jewellery Shop Vilnius

About the project:

HERMIS Jewellery Shop Vilnius – UAB “HERMIS” was founded in 1991 in Telsiai, Lithuania. It is one of the oldest jewellery manufacturing companies in Lithuania. Over the years UAB “HERMIS” has become a stable company with international trade experience.

UAB “HERMIS” is a family run jewellery company owned by Justina ir Algis Novikovai. Both jewellers grew up in artisan families, where they had learnt the importance of a traditional craft. Today as well as cherishing jewellery making traditions, they apply modern technologies in their work.


HERMIS Jewellery Shop Vilnius

ADDRESS Rudininku Str. LT 01135, Vilnius Lithuania



HERMIS Jewellery Shop Vilnius has used these LED track lights to illuminate the products:

Berlin Slim 30W, 4000K, 24*

Köln, 12W, 4000K, black (spot lightning)

B-seeria 20W, 4000K, wide angle beam, white (window lightning)

Led Linear, 45W, 150cm (workshop general lightning)