Excellent luminaire for your home

  • 110 lm/W | 7W 770Lm

  • Effective lighting

  • Durable aluminium housing


7W 40x40x610mm

69.00€ 49.00€  

7W 40x40x310mm

55.00€ 39.00€  


LED light HALLE is a stylish luminaire which can be used as an interior design element. It is suitable for home and business spaces to create a dynamic lighting solution.

LED light HALLE is designed to create a softer dimmer light with a power of 7W 3000K. This makes it a good luminaire for smaller spaces for example: restaurants, cafes and home use.

Color: black |white|silver|gold

Modern design

LED light HALLE is stylish and practical at the same time. The design of the luminaire gives the opportunity to create various design solutions in home and commercial spaces.

Light temperature

The light temperature (light color) depends on the LED module of the luminaire. LED light HALLE luminaire is available with a light temperature of 3000K or Kelvin.

Effective COB LED Module

PHILIPS, CITIZEN and CREE USA, VS-PANASONIC – We use the world’s leading LED modules in our luminaires.

It is possible to choose between different COB LEDs depending on CRI, between CRI> 80+ and CRI> 90+.



We provide 2 year warranty for this luminaire. Defective product will be exchanged within 2 business days.

Fast Delivery Time

Our track lights have a fast delivery time within 3-5 business days!

Technical Details

  • Color:black |white |silver | gold
  • Long: 40x40x610mm
  • Short: 40x40x310mm
  • Color temperature 3000K
  • Wattage 7W
  • Lumens: 110 lm/W | 770Lm
  • Luminaire lifespan 30 000h
  • Voltage: 180-240V AC
  • PF: >0.9
  • Frequency: 50-60HZ

Projects and wholesale


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